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ASP.NET implementation of HTTP authentication (basic scheme only).

Getting started

1. Install the NuGet package

2. Configure the HttpModule in web.config:

      <add name="HttpAuthentication" 
           type="HttpAuthentication.HttpAuthenticationModule, HttpAuthentication" />
IIS requires adding the module to <system.webServer><httpModules>.

3. Add some credentials to the web.config file:

        <credentials passwordFormat="SHA1">
          <user name="Foo" password="e496fd20136d4bb7828ebb0ab925b1bd977208e4" />

This is the same section that is used for Forms authentication, but notice that we have not enabled Forms authentication.

You don't have to configure the module after it's added to web.config for it to work. The module is enabled by default and uses the Basic scheme (login with username Foo and password Bar).


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